Dental Consumables

we offer you a comprehensive assortment of aspirator cannulas, cotton rolls, disposable syringes and cannulas, as well as mouth rinsing cups.

Dental Equipment

Dental equipment including Chairs and Operatories, X-rays, Cabinets, Autoclaves, Compressors, Nitrous Oxide, Handpieces, Loupes and more

Dental laboratory Consumable

Dental Laboratory supply catalog with dental porcelain, dental sand blasters, dental ovens and furnaces


- Medical and Dental Maintenance
- Dental equipment installation

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  • The sale of Amoudent products is reserved for professionals: dental service hospitals, dental service clinics, dentists’ clinics.

    Brahim Amoussa


  • Dental accessories and equipment are selected for their quality.

    Brahim Amoussa

    Brahim Amoussa